Wynbrooke Elementary Theme School

440 Wicksbury Way, Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Ph: 678.676.5002

Principal: Ms. Jermain Sumler-Faison


  • Wynbrooke PTA contributes greatly to our school's achievement. Staff, administration and parents work together to pro actively support school-wide goals.


  • Mandatory Parent PTA Registration accounts for over 45% of all funds raised in support of Wynbrooke PTA therefore it is important that parents adhere to the schools mandatory PTA registration in order for our children to experience the best that Wynbrooke has to offer.

  •  The Wynbrooke PTA-sponsored community events help realize the vision of a Caring School Community and include Family events, Academic Events, Fun Events and more! . It is our intent to increase this number dramatically in 2016-2017

   We urge our parents to:

  • Find your passion
  • Do what you can
  • Participate -Donate (Time, Skills, or Money)
  • In order for Wynbrooke to continue to offer an exemplary, nurturing, and academically enriching environment for all students.

    Officers and Committee Chairs for 2017-2018 School Year

   General Info Email :                                                               


   Co-President - Angela Skeete :                                                    wpta.president1@gmail.com
  Co-President - Nikki Vigilance :                                                   wpta.president2@gmail.com

   VP Parent Involvement- Rikesha Fry-Brown:        

   Communications Secretary - Tilnisha Rosser                           

   Recording Secretary - Nyota Peek                                                

   Treasurer -Tonia Wilburn-Smith                                                  


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